Welcome To Madison Meadow Music!

cropped-studio_picture.jpg“I will never be able to say enough about what Scotty Perey means to us… one of the best people we know. Our family is so grateful to him and his amazing musical gifts. We love you Scotty!”  ~Greta Sangder, mother of student Emily

“I’ve been taking lessons from Scotty for 9 years now. Music has become such a huge part of my life that honestly I don’t know where I would be if I’d never met Scotty. Learning an instrument along with a lot of music theory has helped me so much in choir and band classes, and also with teaching my own students. I use a lot of what Scotty taught me to teach my students because it’s a really fun way to learn about music. ”  ~Emily Sangder, 16, South Eugene High School

“…the best piano/music theory teacher ever! You are amazing! Thank you for leading by example and just for being such an amazing person! ”  ~Kirsten Puett, mother of student Keera

“Scotty, The boys love you man! Guess what Jake and James do every evening…put on their favorite song and jam on the drums and piano. (Steppenwolf has been big lately). You are THE main driver behind it in providing such a welcoming environment and teaching style, just awesome.” ~Josh Bevard, father of students Jake and Jameson

“We are so happy and thrilled to have you in our world!  Wow, I just printed out the information for me and John.  I appreciate the solfege method of learning.  It makes sense and is so helpful to the learning process.  You are incredible!”  ~Joy Haines, adult studentcropped-8533web.jpg

“Omani has been really enjoying your class and I am pleased about his level of inspiration-  I have been finding him playing piano instead of Xbox in his free time, which is super cool!”  ~Naomi Cotler, mother of student Omani

“Thanks for being such a positive force in our boys’ lives!” ~Carol Yahner, mother of students C.J. & Liam

“Last night was gorgeous…your work as always, tender and on the pulse of the children’s dreams” ~Lola Broomberg, director and founder of “Imagine That” summer music-theater camps

“Josh’s success is directly correlated to the expertise & enthusiasm of his teacher, and I am so very grateful that we have you in our lives, not only as an amazing music teacher, but also as an exceptional person… music with you has been a wonderful outlet that provides him with mind-expanding experiences.  I think this will continue to serve him not only in his musical life, but also provide neuronal connections for him to take on future academic challenges.” ~Debbi Nash-Galpern, mother of student Josh

3 thoughts on “Welcome To Madison Meadow Music!

  1. Beth

    Scotty! Never got the text w/your info that you sent while we were at Fair! I put a vid of you on YouTube!! Get in touch, lad!



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